Elaine Kahn | All Natural | A Voluptuous Dream During an Eclipse

Health (1864) by Dr W. Strange, quoted in a footnote in Capital Vol. 1 by Karl Marx

this is so me

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sailor-wanted ASKED:
What's your opinion on the "capsule wardrobe" deal? I'm wanting to create more of a specific aesthetic with my wardrobe and thought having a more limited choice of clothing options may help with that. Wondered what your thoughts were?

i have no feelings about it at all. or rather, i don’t know why my feelings should impact your decisions on the subject. some people can be happy with very edited wardrobes and some like to hoard. 


Look @ God

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cammmeron ASKED:
Do you belive boys are even worth pursuing in high school? I know it's not exactly fair to generalize, but from what I've observed at my school, a good number of teen boys are close minded and foolish. Your opinion?

teen boys are the scum of the earth. fuck them for practice if you’d like, use them for their lunch money and make them buy you nice things, and don’t listen to them at all. actually men until the age of maybe 28 (being generous here) are all fucking scum who don’t have their shit together and i’m usually embarrassed to be in the same room as them. 

vasclet ASKED:
I didn't really know if I should leave an ask or not, but I was curious if you had any advice for..I guess just getting to the feeling that no one but yourself has to validate you? I always feel like you have so much confidence, & I would love to feel my own confidence more often.

you know i have been very lucky to have a wonderful support system in my family and friends that i never felt unsafe to fuck with my identity. or like, when i did feel unsafe, it was too late to dictate how i lived my life and it just filled me with rage and motivation because i already knew i was worth way more then that. my parents used to tell me they didn’t like things but they never made it my fault that i wasn’t living up to their ideas of what they wanted. thats the valuable difference in shame and distaste, i was taught that people not liking me is not my problem to solve. it’s not your problem to solve! and in school when i started dressing singularly, i got punished, yeah, but i wasn’t beat up and even when i was scorned i could still remind myself that i was doing it for my own enjoyment. like, who the fuck cares what other people think. are they paying your bills? what are you getting out of it though? you realize we’re going to die right? whatever situation you’re in is temporary? all things pass. do what you wanna. you only have so much time. focusing on pleasing others because you’re too wimpy to be your own hero isn’t gonna make you proud of yourself in retrospect. not everyone is gonna like you, ever. not ever. you’re not going to win all the time with everyone. and that’s fine. that’s not the point of doing things. do things because you want to, because you have to do them for your own agenda, because they’re gonna make your life better, and fuller, and full of meaning. don’t let them smell your fear cuz it gives them power. even if you feel super scared that people will laugh at you or not like what you do, like, don’t let that guide you away from doing something. cuz then they win and you miss out. and you only get so many shots. get going. 


hello. i wanted to do a third installment of the girlhood ezine but um i noticed midway that i was writing/talking about things i didn’t plan on talking about but i guess it could count. i wrote about my thoughts on msgs and vibrations translating through touch(i was thinking about this video a lot), things/notes i have gatthered as a queer immigrant in the closet and dealing with safety, and other stuff. it’s not v long but i hope it helps someone or calms someone, i dont kno. thank u, i hope u r having a great night. 

here it is, u can download it

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Cheyenne this is the realist shit you’ve ever done 

Cheyenne this is the realist shit you’ve ever done 


fabi immigrantgirls is literally so inspiring as such a young girl creating for herself and creating spaces for other young WOC like I wish I had a fraction of her ambition when I was her age like GO AWF

tru. so proud to bear witness to her.

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ly-ss-a ASKED:
Can you give me some advice? I like this Junior and he's super cute. We talk a lot. I really like him but I'm to insecure. I'm not thin or fit and I'm even taller than him by a few inches. I'm just really confused on if I should even tell him or not because he won't like me physically.

What makes you think he won’t like you though? Your physical attributes don’t determine how worthy you are of being liked. I want you to watch My Mad Fat Diary, the entire series, and then get back to me. Here is the first episode. 

Say something and see what happens! Maybe something cool will happen. Maybe it won’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re any less worthy of being adored for the person you are and not the person you think you ought to be. Have faith in how great you are, he’s talking to you ‘cause he finds you worth talking to — if he doesn’t want more then that well thats okay, it’s not going to be the end of the world. 

im finally using evernote properly and i feel like my life is entering a new chapter where i am responsible and private with my work

i feel so alive, so potent, so organized!!! yeah!

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Robot Sicardi, 2014
Photo: Tayler Smith

my skin looks so good here.


Robot Sicardi, 2014

Photo: Tayler Smith

my skin looks so good here.

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Kiss my ass Ovid 

Kiss my ass Ovid 

a fun fact on the idea of beauty as terror

did you know the first bit of publicity the body shop ever got was outrage from a local funeral parlor over the choice of the brand name? 

the rude health 
the rude health

the rude health 

the rude health