Harry Clarke. Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. 1919.

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perfume is expensive at the actual molecular level and then they mark up the final product like 300% or more. but i mean. it’s a combination of a bunch of different molecules to mimic the natural scent of a single note or feature. and you have at least three of these moments in a perfume. but you really have many more than that. they put in many different approaches to make sure you can at least smell one approach. and you will recognize different approaches to a note. one sandalwood imitation smells a lot different than another sandalwood imitation and they both smell wildly different than real sandalwood, and all these sandalwoods are tear-jerkingly expensive by the kilo. now, even cheap, cheap cheap brands (like kmart clearance sale or bodega candle section cheap) might have these notes, that are also in very, very expensive perfumes. but this does not mean they are the same thing. there are some exclusive molecules to specific brands. but other brands can buy the castoffs — or try to imitate it using a different approach to the note. but they are not the same thing, and they do not smell the same on you. there is this kmart sandalwood soap, and it just says “sandalwood” on it — but it’s an acidic, metallic sandalwood on the skin, kind of smells putrid on me, like wood dipped in silver cleaner (not in a cool #alt way). but a niche perfume that sources a specific type of sandlwood - let’s say, myosore sandalwood, smells smokier, and richer, kind of honeyed. even the imitations are a lot of money. (ironically some indian detergent companies make spectacular sandalwoods!!! i think they buy the runoffs somehow or have private local sources?? i dunno). but you can tell sandalwoods apart even if you are very new to perfume. some people are very allergic to synthetic smells, so you can certainly tell one kind of sandalwood from another, your nose is very capable like that. text may lie to you but smell is very precise in a vague way. i see smell very vividly as a thing, the more i learn different smells the more distinct the picture in front of me gets. sometimes i just see a big orange and febreeze bottle in the room and get anxious. this is usually when someone has enthusiastically sprayed a bath & body works body mist on themselves or is maybe chewing one of those gross fruity gums, which kind of taste like an orange and a cleaning product at the same time. i am off track now. 

anyway, what i’m saying is, perfume is expensive, and just because something says it’s one thing, and another more expensive thing also says one thing, doesn’t mean they are actually the same exact thing because molecules and brand propriety over molecules. over the tiniest little things. these tiny things are everything. 

mostly-alone ASKED:
Hi! I know you don't do perfume recs--I was just wondering if you think there are certain kind of good "starter perfumes", ie ones for like, young women or girls who maybe don't have a lot of money? Maybe that's something you've already done? If that's the case or if this is too close to a rec, I am so, so sorry for bothering you!

It’s fine! But I don’t think I can help you. One: I do not consider age when it comes to perfume. Perfume isn’t about age or any of that, it’s about a story you want to tell. I don’t see perfume in this kind of categorization. Two: I do not know what your price range is, and since perfume is 100% a luxury good more than anything else — nothing is going to be less than $60 that I recommend and even that is dirt cheap. I don’t really bother with essential oils, nor do I really test (and therefore cannot recommend) cheap-ish department store perfumes, which are usually, even then, in the $80 range. Perfume is expensive to make from start to finish and they jack up the price with packaging — but it’s still, always, expensive to make. The cheaper indie perfumes are also very tiny. A full sized indie perfume from like BPAL is what, $30? It’s a bottle that could maybe fill up a chapstick. It’s a fraction of the cost of a full sized niche perfume, but it’s also a fraction of the amount of product. Even though perfume usually comes with sticker shock it’s also the cheapest it has ever been, considering the advent of synthetics. Like, natural ingredients are expensive as HELL, and synthesized perfumes are getting better and more expansive in their alternatives to natural stuff, and the stories are getting more interesting, too….. Luca Turin (fragrance chemist) discusses this thoroughly in his books. Now, you can still buy luxury and niche perfumes via samples and these aren’t expensive at all, at like $4-7 bucks often enough….but ya. 

This was a very long winded way of saying no but I hope it has also been somewhat informative? I don’t know. What the hell is a starter perfume? Just buy a perfume you like! There is no rite of passage! There’s only what you like and what you don’t!!!!!!   It’s not that difficult!!  *waves arms wildly* 

Someone just commented on this old ass pic of me which reminds me i must wear this dress out because i look absolutely delicious in it like…..kiss me tbh

Someone just commented on this old ass pic of me which reminds me i must wear this dress out because i look absolutely delicious in it like…..kiss me tbh

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I’m always out on the weekends snuggling with my queer coven so I have perfected the weekend beauty bag. Here is what I carry around, and here is the look that comes out of it most of the time. 

  1. Skincare: i wash my makeup off with coconut oil and then a cleansing oil, then I do a sheet mask and/or use my Tatcha Serum. I talk about Tatcha pretty regularly and I have plans for you all regarding the brand — just you wait. I’ve been using this eye cream lately, too. I don’t think eye creams are really necessary to routines — but I find it soothing for my puffy eyes, so I use it. 
  2. Makeup: I prime with Urban Detox, which isn’t a primer, but it moisturizes and makes my skin feel nice at the start of a hungover late morning/early afternoon. Sometimes I just use spot concealer (with this brush) rather than foundation nowadays. I find applying this foundation with your fingers works a lot better than with a brush. I actually prefer just using concealer as necessary at this point though. #blessed!!!!! For blush and illuminator I use a now discontinued Armani Blush  but I’m kind of hoping they re-release it or release something similar for 2014 Holiday….fingers crossed. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m contouring with the also discontinued LE Anastasia Palette (still available on Amazon, but for $20 more than retail)— as an alternative, the Smashbox Contour Kit OR the NYX Taupe Blush is totally good. I contour with a Real Techniques brush. As for lips, I’m wearing my friend’s lipstick from Color Pop — Creature, named after her blog. It’s a delicious matte. Apply carefully! For $5, it’s a total steal. I often wear Lady Danger nowadays, too. Oh — and I do my brows with Anatasia Brow Pencil.
  3. Perfume: Changes every day, I just carry a handful of travel sized atomizers to apply through my weekends. I’m currently revisiting Escentric Molecules Molecule 01.
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missactuallyunstable ASKED:
I get paid from my grown up job real soon and I'm excited to be able to regularly tip you beep boop

Aw thanks! TIp me what you want when you wanna I’m not gonna make a big poop about it regularly. It’s just nice to have funding for research materials. 

existentialmathematics ASKED:
how do you apply your perfumes? do you have a specific process or do you just spray/dab it on? i've read so many different pieces of advice, i remember being told to spray it in the air and like, *jump* through the mist which doesn't seem super effective but i appreciate the elegant poetry of it. (i appreciate that this may be something you are being paid to write about/want to be paid to write about & can't answer right now!).

I apply them to my pulse points. Wrists two taps, twist the wrist taps to your neck tap tap. If you’re feeling clever behind the knees tap and twirl. I wipe the rim of my perfume bottle caps on my leather jacket for good luck. Now leather smells like a recreation of leather making out with real leather. Very fun.

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Award for most dense robot idiot girlish meatship goes to this one right here boop boop

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Heathers (1988)


they finally made an anime about arabellesicardi

where are my coins


they finally made an anime about arabellesicardi

where are my coins

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Hélène Cixous | The Laugh of the Medusa
“she doesn’t defend herself against these unknown women whom she’s surprised at becoming”


Hélène Cixous | The Laugh of the Medusa

“she doesn’t defend herself against these unknown women whom she’s surprised at becoming”

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